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We offer a wide range of benefits with the Fly Biz card


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Silver Category

SILVER CARD to 7000 points

Number of segments x 20 +
Number of tickets x 40 +

  • to 10.000 - 100 points
  • 10.000-20.000 - 150 points
  • 20.000-30.000 - 200 points
  • 30.000-40.000 - 250 points
  • 40.000-50.000 - 300 points
  • 50.000-70.000 - 350 points
  • 70.000-100.000 - 400 points
  • 100.000-120.00 - 450 points
  • 120.000-160.000 - 500 points
  • 160.000-200.000 - 600 points
  • 200.000+ - 700 points
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Gold Category

GOLD CARD to 18750 points

Number of segments x 20 +
Number of tickets x 40 +

  • do 10.000 - 125 points
  • 10.000-20.000 - 175 points
  • 20.000-30.000 - 225 points
  • 30.000-40.000 - 275 points
  • 40.000-50.000 - 325 points
  • 50.000-70.000 - 375 points
  • 70.000-100.000 - 425 points
  • 100.000-120.00 - 475 points
  • 120.000-160.000 - 525 points
  • 160.000-200.000 - 625 points
  • 200.000+ - 725 points
  • More info

Platinum Category

PLATINUM CARD over 18751 points

Number of segments x 20 +
Number of tickets x 40 +

  • do 10.000 - 150 points
  • 10.000-20.000 - 200 points
  • 20.000-30.000 - 250 points
  • 30.000-40.000 - 300 points
  • 40.000-50.000 - 350 points
  • 50.000-70.000 - 400 points
  • 70.000-100.000 - 450 points
  • 100.000-120.00 - 500 points
  • 120.000-160.000 - 550 points
  • 160.000-200.000 - 650 points
  • 200.000+ - 750 points
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Marine fares

Fly Fly Travel & ATPI jointly offer their services in the field of offshore moving crew, support staff, experts and management around the world, as well as lowest available marine air fares, local expertise, and we’re in all the world’s important shipping locations. Our highly specialised 24/7 service can respond quickly to your evolving needs - whatever their cause.
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Organization of business trips

Your company can rely on receiving the following from Fly Fly Corporate: a detailed search of airline tickets most suitable to your needs and preferences, accommodation booking through numerous global systems as well as booking of transfer or rent-a-car services in the country and abroad
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Countries in which we operate


Airlines we represent


Tenders we service


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Why choose us?

We have been rewarded as the best travel agency

  • Excellent SME certificate
  • Vip Biz Partner 2014
  • Brand Leader Award 2015
  • Brand Leader Award 2016
  • Golden tourist heart 2016
  • Serbian Brend
  • Vienna Oscar of popularity
  • Business Partner 2016

We have a network of branches in seven countries

  • Serbia 15 offices (Belgrade-9, Novi Sad-1, Kragujevac-1, Pančevo-1, Niš-1, Novi Pazar-1, Valjevo-1, Kosovska Mitrovica-1, Šabac-1, Vršac-1, Subotica-1)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo) 1 office
  • Montenegro (Podgorica) 1 office
  • Turkey (Istanbul) 1 office
  • Croatia (Rijeka) 1 office
  • Austria (Vienna) 1 office
  • Slovenia (Ljubljana) 2 office

Our business is growing year by year

Fly Fly Travel Group has recorded a constant growth every year since its founding. We attribute this to a well-thought marketing, standardization of services and professional approach to operation in every sense.

We cooperate closely with airlines

We represent the following airlines
  • Belavia Airlines (GSA, airport ticketing office and supervision of handling)
  • Aegean Airlines (Airport ticketing office and supervision of handling)
  • TAROM (Airport ticketing office)
  • Pegasus Airlines (Airport ticketing office and supervision of handling)
  • Air Cairo (Airport ticketing office and supervision of handling)

We work on the promotion of our business partners

Fly Fly Travel has numerous means of advertising we often use to advertise our clients (Fly & Travel magazine, billboards, TV, internet advertising)

We are a socially responsible company

Since its founding, Fly Fly Travel has been a socially responsible company that participates in the life of the local community with its activities. Our socially responsible activities are focused in several directions. First of all, our employees, whose professional and personal development is cared for through training, career development and counselling centre. Apart from that, we are ecologically responsible, take care of animals and take part in humanitarian actions. In this way, we try not only to contribute but also to motivate others to join us.

Our clients

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We are

Professional. Creative. Dedicated. Innovative.

Specialized agents are trying in various ways to find the most suitable option for the client. We do creative ticket issuing which involves issuing more cards in one direction if it is favorable or issuing separate cards on the airlines that are impossible to combine in a single ticket.

We strive to offer clients as many offers for travelling as possible in as short a term as possible. Our call centre serves customers worldwide 00-24h.

We possess the newest systems that save time and money for our clients. We strive to follow the world trends in travel management in order to always provide the best service for the client. All our passengers who have a ticket for a departure from Belgrade receive our lunch package Fly Snack at the airport, before departure.


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Fly Fly Travel D.O.O.
Belgrade, Serbia
Omladinskih brigada 33 a,
+381 (0) 11 785 89 74
12:00 am to 12:00 pm daily

Our Awards

Excellent SME Serbia

Excellent SME Serbia

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia awarded us the “Excellent SME Serbia” certificate for business excellence. This certificate represents a recognition of the great business which the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia awards in cooperation with the international rating company COFACE. The main objective of the certificate is to increase transparency in the market, to promote good small and medium-sized enterprises, and to increase confidence and trust in the business, so that customers and business partners can make easier and faster decisions with less risk.

Vip BizPartner 2014

Vip BizPartner 2014

In January of 2015, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Vip Mobile and agency Chapter 4 have awarded us with the Vip BizPartner 2014 acknowledgment for one of the most successful family companies.

Brand Leader Award

Brand Leader Award

In September 2015, Fly Fly Travel won the „Brand Leader Award 2015“ for the best travel agency in South East Europe in the field of air ticket sales. „Brand Leader Award“ is a prestigious award given only to leaders in their field of activity, based on innovation, the degree of market recognition, and the positioning of an authentic product. This success was repeated the following year, since Fly Fly Travel won the recognition Brand Leader Award 2016 for the second year in a row, awarded by the expert collegiate of the 6th Business conference Tourism market of South East Europe – SEET 2016.

Golden tourist heart

Golden tourist heart

In November 12, 2015, at Hotel Slavija within the International Festival of hospitality, tourism and wine UGOTURVIN, Fly Fly Travel received the “Golden tourist heart” for the best travel agency of South East Europe. Fly Fly Travel was again awarded the title of the best travel agency of South East Europe in May 2016, within the award ceremony for the Tourist Oscar of Mediterranean and South East Europe - Golden Tourist Heart Sacen International.

Serbian Brend 2016

Serbian Brend 2016

In early 2016, at the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, the Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy from Brussels awarded Fly Fly Travel with “Serbian Brend 2016” for the best travel agency within its campaign for the affirmation of Serbian values and the spreading of a positive image of Serbia abroad.

Turkish Airlines Award

Turkish Airlines Award

Turkish Airlines awarded us for the largest growth in airline ticket sales during the year 2015, as one of the companies with which it had the best cooperation during that year..

Vienna Oscar of popularity

Vienna Oscar of popularity

Fly Fly Travel has, after less than a month of operations at the territory of Austria, in May 2016 won the award for the best travel agency, awarded by the Vienna Oscar of popularity. This is Fly Fly Travel’s first award outside of Serbia and as such has great significance, since it shows that the company’s quality is not only recognized in Serbia, where it has already won the title of best travel agency several times, but also abroad.

Business Partner 2016

Business Partner 2016

The company Mass Media International awarded its true and best business partners the Business Partner 2016 award, and Fly Fly Travel has been awarded for the best travel agency in South East Europe. Business partners and customers of this company have recognized and rated the business excellence of the company, and the award is another confirmation that Fly Fly has made excellent business ventures that include continuous investment and innovation with a high degree of professionalism and ethics.

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